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More than 10,000 pieces of art formed a chain of unconditional love around Dallas, Texas. Created by the people of Dallas, this remarkable project helped redefine the city through a genuine outpouring of love. It is a true refection of the character and courage of a remarkable city. Artists, organizers, sorters, trainers, installers, came together to work as one. They were generous with their time, their work, their art and their love. 120 partners became involved. Word spread. And before long, there was no stopping it. Local, national, and international press coverage generated 180+ million media impressions. Love was in the air.

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What is the Dallas LOVE Project?

There are defining moments in the life of a city. For Dallas, that moment came on November 22, 1963.

The Dallas LOVE Project was created to be a redefining moment.

Started from September 21, 2013 – International Peace Day – and continued through November 22 – the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Dallas was transformed into one giant art gallery. Over 30,000 pieces of art. Over 30,000 unconditional acts of love, beauty, hope and inspiration.

Created by the people of Dallas, this remarkable project redefined the city through a genuine outpouring of love – a true reflection of the character and courage of a remarkable city.

The Dallas LOVE Project – What the world needs now.

Installation photos

Who are we?

The LOVE Project is led by 29 Pieces, a non-profit organization in Dallas, TX whose mission is to use art to uplift and awaken the creative human spirit to make genuine social change. For the Dallas LOVE Project, 29 Pieces is working with more than 60 community partners.

The steering committee of the Dallas LOVE Project is:

  • Karen Blessen, Executive Director (29 Pieces)
  • Mauricio Navarro, Project Manager (RAIZ Inc.)
  • Kara Hobbs, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kelly Nash
  • Karen Isbell
  • Darryl Ratcliff
  • Adrienne Hamilton, Public Relations (Nicole Communications)
  • Sondra Cox
  • Corinna and Ernest Kwan
  • Joan Tibbets-Hudson
  • Jeff Roberts
  • Larry Lyles
  • Charlotte Moody
STEERING COMMITTEE_IMG_0001(L-R) Kelly Nash, Adrienne Hamilton, Karen Blessen, Darryl Ratcliff, Kara Hobbs, Karen Isbell, Mauricio Navarro